Oh Joy!
2003-11-17 || -
Soundtrack � Kreator

So we spent the weekend in the recording studio. We got a lot of work done. I smoked a smaller amount of marijuana than I did last time, but I presumably will smoke more tonight since it is �guitar solo� night. Normally on �guitar solo� night people would throw beer at you and chicks would take their pants off, etc. At least if you were in �cock heaven�. In cock heaven, there are cocks all around for people to suck and fuck and bite and chew apart like a dingo ripping apart a baby rabbit with a cute little fuzzy tail. What would you do if you died and went to Cock Heaven. I will be there in Cock Heaven. Riding a gigantic cock with wings through the clouds and misty valleys of Cock Heaven. Who do you th

It�s not really that cold out you homosexual;l11

all of my friends actually belive in gay homosexualerotic people's rights, and the nonexistence of a Jewish conspiracy. Imagine being that like that, but not in Cock HEahow is you spell3

use the word �negro� in a sentence, but don�t mention olives, or paint.

On Wednesday you fucked your brother

Imagine the fantasticness of Cock Heaven filled with winged homoerotic negros flying around and shooting lasers of many wondrous colors out of their eyes!

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