Oh Joy!
2003-11-13 || when women sing with acoustic guitars
Soundtrack � Yes � Relayer

So I�ve decided to make up some flyers that say �Santa Claus isn�t real, your parents put those presents under the tree�plus, you don�t even have a chimney you little shit� and throw them out my car window in front of elementary schools throughout New England. I mean enough is enough with this Santa Claus bullshit. I wonder if I toned it down, and didn�t put swears in I could do it, and it wouldn�t be illegal.

My homosexual tolerance line has been�actually, I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre last night. That is a pretty scary movie overall. So scary that you overlook how shitty the movie actually is, and how bad the acting is in it. Kind of like when you�re fucking someone in the ass and you realize you�re fucking them where they shit but it feels really good for the moment, which is all that really matters.

My homosexual tolerance line has been crossed as recently as this afternoon. Each day it is crossed when I read certain things, or see certain people day to day.

Three hours left of work today, imagine that?!

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