Oh Joy!
2003-11-12 || Top 300 different episodes of Friends of 55!
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The rehearsal complex was closed�actually, that would be a boring thing to talk about.

Last week in line at the sandwich shop waiting for lunch. A man comes in reading a book. Walking up to the line while reading a book; he gets to the counter and puts the book down and continues reading the book until the woman comes up and asks him what he would like. I tried to spy the cover but I couldn�t make it. What book could possibly be that good?

I got heavily into The Office recently.

Work has not been that exciting this week. The whole computer network was replaced over the weekend, we finally got e-mail up and running normal late this afternoon. Could that be any more boring of a thing to talk about?

Imagine if they chopped Bjork in half?

I need to memorize the Lydian Scale in A by Saturday afternoon. Any fucking asshole could do that though. I wonder if say�Ed Meese could memorize the Lydian scale in A by Saturday, he was, and presumably still is a fucking asshole. Wait, is he dead?

Things people have said to me in the past 34 years:

�Can I have a cigarette?�


(wait, what happened to The Chris Isaak Show? I thought that show was pretty funny. I�m not the biggest fan of his music, although watching that show I would like to check out some of his shit besides that cologne-commercial-worthy shitbag of a song he had in the early nineties or late eighties when ever that was. Pretty funny guy though.)

�Do you like how I suck your cock?�

�Where should we go eat?�

�What time is it?�

�Do you know what time it is?�

�Excuse me, do you have the time?�

�Excuse me, do you know the time?�

�Excuse me, do you happen to know the time?�

�Excuse me sir, do you know what time it is right now?�

�What�s up with you holmes?�

�I think your D string may be a little sharp�

�You�re right, you are old enough to be my older brother�

�Yes, we repossessed your car�

�How many times did you see The Grateful Dead?�

�Out of twenty��

�You are under arrest�

�You guys were too loud for this club�

�You look like you need some rest�

�This shit is reeeeal good man�

�Do you like my pussy?�


�Do you want another cookie?�

�Happy Birthday�

�We don�t have Coke, is Pepsi okay?�

�Sorry, it didn�t come in yet�

�Yes I am a real redhead�

�Hi, I�m Paul�

�Do you know where the hospital is?�


�When did you get back?�

�This one is from Santa Claus�

�This is Maria�

�Have you heard this?�

�I think we should just be friends�

�You are a racist�

�Did you see that shit on the news?�

�God is always watching you�

�The beef or the chicken one?�

�Out of eleven-fifty��

�Do you think I�m fat?�

�Do you think I�m phat?�

�I didn�t like those�

�Are there any drugs in the car?�

�Your card declined�

�I don�t like the song Paperback Writer�

�Your father will be home in a little while�

�You look cute�

�No sugar?�

�See if your plugged in�

�Are you high?�

�I don�t think my parents would care�

�Read this book when you get the time�

�Jill has a crush on you�

�Fuck you�

�Fuck off�

�Do you want to supersize that?�

�Can you burn a copy of that for me?�

�What is your phone number?�

�See you later�

�Dude, you�re like all fucked up in your diary and shit�

�I still love you�

�Your grandfather died this morning�

�Your grandfather died last night�

�Your grandmother died today�

�Did you hear about Dave?�

�Christian, please go to the office�

�Next time, okay?�

�Nice shirt�

�Where are you from?�

�Can you shut that off?�

�Check her out�

�Chocolate milk�

�Chocolate milk?�

�Chocolate milk, right?�

�We�re out of those until next week�

�I can�t read you at all�

�I can�t figure you out�

�I can never tell what you�re thinking�

�I can�t get this open, can you try it?�


�Where�s Kim?�

�Do you know Kim?�

�That�s one of the funniest lines in that movie�


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