Oh Joy!
2003-10-30 || sper88-1
Soundtrack � the Who � Quadrophenia

We will all be burned. I mean did you see the sky yesterday afternoon. The sun will explode and kill all of the people in the world. There is no UFO coming to rescue, just an explosion of fire and the people not even having a chance. All of the Muslims and Jews and Christians will perish, thinking they will get to see God. They will see the explosion of the sun I tell you. The truth of the matter is, nobody knows. I know though. Don�t trust anyone at this point, and don�t make any plans to do anything.

Coca Cola is disgusting isn�t it? It�s thick, heavy, too sweet, too gassy. Just like I like my women. It�s better than the coffee I�ve received in the past couple weeks.

They are saying the Secret Service may close the central artery in Boston during the Democratic National Convention because of terrorism fears. Who�s actually against a hockey arena filled with the dead bloated bodies of Democrats? I want to see that, on pay-per-view.

Would it be in poor taste to invent a new malt liquor and call it Auschlitz?

Would it be in poor taste if or something on the sun explodes watch out fucke-

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