Oh Joy!
2003-10-21 || Diddler on my roof
Soundtrack � The Cure � The Top

Cheers to George Bush for stepping up and saying Mahatir is wrong in saying �Jews control the world�, or whatever the comment was. We haven�t heard any of the Democrats speaking out against this. Now if he would go ahead and bomb the living piss out of Saudi Arabia he may just get my vote next year.

Funny, we played what I consider an average gig the other night, and we�re now being put in a local rock critic�s Top Ten in the next issue of this local magazine, with a good review, etc. We also got a few e-mails this week already from what I assume is a small snowball effect. He posted on a message board that we were �the best thing I�ve seen in a long ass time�. And I wasn�t really that high that night.

I watched Down By Law the other afternoon. If I were gay, I would want to fuck John Lurie I think.

Let�s play �if I were gay, I would fuck� come on, it will be fun.

As a staunch supporter of gay rights, despite what you may think about me, I almost bought Fiddler on the Roof on DVD last night.

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