Oh Joy!
2003-10-16 || a black people, a gay man, and jewish peoples walk into a bar in germany...
Soundtrack - #5

One thing one shouldn�t have to deal with on a daily basis is the ongoing white musical oppression in popular music, and then on the other hand the absolutely awful music black people are producing nowadays. How anyone can listen to anything at all in the vein of that shit is beyond my comprehension.

I caught a little of that Queer Eye for the Straight Guy show the other night, how anyone with a penis can watch that is so wrong it�s not even funny. It�s funny that the only men I know who watch it seem to have girlfriends. Why can�t it be like the old days when gay people were not on television? They�re not funny, they�re annoying and loud and superficial. The only time gay men are funny is when they are crying, or getting mauled by tigers. So this means gay people on TV = BOO!

How much influence do vaginas have on your life as a male? Answer, and get a prize.

Today I bought a guitar for $999.99, and then cancelled the order an hour later.

Using the reverse psychology of losing hope, being negative towards the Red Sox obviously worked yesterday. If I wear my Red Sox hat, they seem to lose. Tonight, I will jack of my rock hard cock all over my TV set if they win. I think tonight, we crash the Staten Island Ferry into the Yankees Dugout.

I wake up every single morning and realize I will be dead. A dead body. Every single morning, and every night before I fall off to sleep. I realize I will be a dead body. I wish sometimes it would hurry up and happen. I�m so bored with life, it�s like you spend your time waiting around to die. My life is now half over, especially as a smoker who is a fat piece of shit and never exercises and is stressed out half the time, so please God, if you really do exist strike me down dead this afternoon, I�m bored and I�m sick of being alive at this point.

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