Oh Joy!
2003-09-18 || cum flavored iced tea
Soundtrack � Danger Mouse and Gemini � Ghetto Pop Life

What a long day�I mean a short day, as it�s been real busy. These days are better than normal, as it goes by quick, and it feels good to know you get things done.

I got rid of my accounts on Friendster, after realizing it�s just a network of the same people over and over again. Are there any different flavors in the world anymore? It�s the same tired thing over and over though. Favorite movies: Donnie Darko, Rushmore, etc. Favorite music: anything that is cool this week. Please take me far away from anything like that for the remainder of my life. Like I really want to connect with people who aren�t in my life anymore. I�m embarrassed that I even invited friends to something like that. Anyway, it�s not really that bad, I just have no desire to be �connected� to anyone thanks.

Speaking of connecting, the guitar is sounding better. The amp has been fixed and it sounds great. I�ve been practicing guitar more, and trying to get a regiment of playing more. We started working on the set of songs I wrote a while back that will make one big thing. Imagine if I just used the expression �rock opera�? Anyway, how bad can a rock opera about a Puerto Rican woman be anyway?

Speaking of women, when I got home last night I heard the two Richard Smokers across the way arguing loudly. When I stopped to listen I heard one of them yelling �I have to sit here and listen to you talk about shoes, and clothes!� . Then, this morning on my way to work I stopped to get some coffee and one of them was in front of me in line. He had these awful shoes on, and I was reminded of how before I left, on CNN they were showing some new show where this gay man comes to your house and gets you ready for a date or something. This guy was saying �and he had all of these t-shirts� etc. like it is some sort of travesty to not dress like a gay man. Anyway, the new trend of gay people all over my television is making me want to move to Jamaica.

I bet if you were fucked in the ass and had cum blown all over your face as a little boy you would also talk much shit about gay people.

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