Oh Joy!
2003-09-17 || the police department of montgomery alabama
Soundtrack � Beach Boys � Surf�s Up

You�re actually going to wear that today? That is hands down the worst outfit you�ve ever worn in your entire life. Seriously, please go back in and change out of it.

How many ham sandwich I mean how many ham sandwiches how many I mean how many ham sandwich have you noticed the ham sandwich how many ham sandwiches are you able to how many you must tell me how many ham sandwich you cocksucker face.

I would not fuck Ben Affleck with a black strap on called �The Chocolate Invader�. I would use my actual gigantic black African American cock.

The group the Flaming Lips suck forevah. Yo, Mike and Tina 4-eva. Someone at one point wrote �Christian C sucks his divorced fathers cock� on a school. Well, I knew who the kid was. His father died a few years later, so who�s the asshole now? I wouldn�t write something like �Kevin N sucks his dead fathers cock in heaven�. The only reason I wouldn�t write something like that though is that I don�t believe in the afterlife.

I would like to go to York Beach in Maine this weekend, so I think I will. You can�t stop me, because you are ()

They have been talking about the Puerto Rican people in Lawrence, MA and their insurance scams with car accidents. I think I wrote this or brought that up a year or two ago and someone said it was a racist statement. How that�s possible is beyond my comprehension. If a large number of insurance scams involving car accidents are being done by Puerto Rican people in Lawrence, MA, how is that racist? At any rate, I was almost hit by a Puerto Rican in one of those little Hondas with the big exhaust pipe in Lynn yesterday. I love Puerto Rican people.

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