Oh Joy!
2003-09-16 || I fucked Peggy
Soundtrack � Captain Beefheart � Clear Spot

I can�t fucking see. Every morning my eyesight takes about three or four hours to start working correctly. Someone once told me that if you eat your own shit, you would go blind. I am going to quit eating my own shit for a little while and see if my eyesight comes back.

Last night, around 1AM I was able to juggle the following tasks: restring a guitar, burn 5 CDs of some live music, clean resin out of a pipe, and watch Grease at the same time. I amaze myself in the multitask department sometimes.

2/3 of the band went and checked out the studio we may go in this November last night. It�s pretty cool, and the guy seemed nice. The �live room� was about the size of our rehearsal room, so that should be comfortable.

Why does every fuck in the world want something free for doing absolutely nothing?

�I shouldn�t have to pay for this�


�I don�t know�

�Go fuck yourself, next�

Why would anyone watch that show �Queer Eye for the Straight Guy�? I would like to start a show called �Flame Thrower with 75 Yard reach for the Queer Guy�. We would just go around and anytime a homosexualized person so much as looked at us, we would shoot them with the flamethrower with the 75-yard reach. There are two homosexualized men that live across from me that drive these Mercedes and argue like the bitches they are constantly. Anyway, they both have the same Mercedes, one has a white one, and one has a black one.

Is it homophobic, or unpopular to think gay people are just silly?

I hate my job, and I want to kill myself.

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