Oh Joy!
2003-09-15 || 55 people (moths)
Soundtrack � Art Pepper � Intensity

This is the worst fucking cup of coffee a person could ever drink. For some reason, the first part of my morning was filled with people that could have served a better purpose than making my life miserable for 40 minutes or so. Between the person responsible for this caffeinated travesty on my desk, and the drivers who just couldn�t pull it together to drive like normal human beings on my way in this morning.

Yesterday I went to see American Splendor by myself; I started dozing off near the end though. Not a bad movie stylistically, but the story was pretty uneventful, leaving one wanting something else when leaving the theatre. When I got home I watched some episodes of the Monkees, as well as the Big Lebowski last night to satisfy my entertainment quota for the weekend.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, but eventful, but nothing worth discussing. We took Breaux out for his birthday last night. That was an event. I ignore the birthday at this point�not because I am upset about getting older, but because it�s not that big of a deal. There are people who take the day off from work because it�s their birthday, I never understood this.

Speaking of receiving presents for no reason whatsoever, Christmas is in a few months. I�ve slowly managed to get out of buying presents for a few years now. Hopefully within a year or two Christmas will just be a day nothing is open to me. I have no use for it at this point. I feel bad for the suckers that spend hours in line at malls rushing around to buy their wives and girlfriends and friends and husbands and sisters and aunts and boyfriends gifts. Especially people who don�t believe in God.

I wonder if the AIDS muppet has died yet.

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