Oh Joy!
2003-09-14 || every one of them will
soundtrack � John Zorn � Weird Little Boy

Close to 4 AM, and I spent much more money than needed on music today�I made wise choices though. Hating white people who perform music has been part of my life for years now. What white guitarist wouldn�t hate the fact that he�s not Eddie Hazel, or Grant Green? I certainly do. I can�t imagine wanting to sit through my band, with me trying to come up with clever metaphors for women I dated 25 years ago, and trying to come up with clever metaphors for Kevin Shields� guitar playing as well. Regardless, if I can play the guitar instead of going to the local sports bar and hearing horrible Elvis Costello covers, and running into women who I wouldn�t be caught jerking off to, who cares?

The death of Johnny Cash has affected me about as much as the death of Michael Hutchence�which is �a little bit�, it brought up some memories of years past, but I haven�t listened to Johnny Cash ever since someone in my office played one of those new ones a few months ago, and I threatened to fire them if they played it again.

Tomorrow, Sunday. �I still have my Sundays�. I seem to have had a consistent run of solo Sundays this year. Whereas it seems like every night I have plans either practicing with the band, or taking guitar lessons, or doing nothing with others, I cherish Sunday afternoon when I can take a long drive in the car, or go to the book stores and record stores without wondering if my companions want to leave soon. Who doesn�t need this?

�the number of women who fucked James Spader last year�

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