Oh Joy!
2003-09-11 || jihad
Soundtrack � Stevie Wonder � Innervisions

First and foremost, Peth has asked some questions�in return, I have to ask you 5 questions, so if you want me to ask you 5 questions, ask me�this is a chain that was started by AmWay, so yeah�

1. stripes, plaid, or polka dots? Plaid!

2. no strings attached, you can send someone away forever. who? Donald Rumsfeld

3. bumpy noses- sexy? what are the odd body features or habits that you find charming?

Yes, sexy. I also find women lazy eyes sexy and charming for some reason.

4. do cats steal you breath while you are sleeping? should i worry? I keep my bedroom door closed at night for fear of this.

5. suzy creemcheeze, what's got into you? what are those teenager bad behaviors that you still hang onto? Being attracted to teenage girls, although I don�t think that was necessarily a �bad behavior� thing�umm�playing video games on occasion.

Okay, not the most exciting answers, but whereas I have been weeping uncontrollably all day on account of the anniversary of 9/11, I�m a little off today. Sorry.

I could go see some live music tonight, but I am a bit

How boring of a human being am I?

I cooked up some heroin in the ladies room earlier today. I never!

Well then�I ate veal today.

This is a dream I had last night:

�The cat� over and over fuck cocksucker son of a bitch mother fucker cunt cock sucker fuck you cock cock cunt pussy you motherfucking cocksucking motherfucking asshole fucker �The cat�

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