Oh Joy!
2003-09-10 || my favorite story of colored peopele
Soundtrack � Bill Frisell

I think every homosexual male should be killed, not because they are gay, but just because it�s a large number of people�also, any human being that watches the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy should have their genitals sprayed with a scalding hot orange juice and fingernails smoothie.

Also, since you�re reading, we need 87 Billion dollars to kill more people in Iraq�who do I write the check out to? That place is such a fucking waste of space on earth we should just turn it into a parking lot and get it over with. I say we wait until Donald Rumsfeld is back over there. We should just let our military guys stay over there for good so they can all kill each other�and then, the babies will rule the land in the middle east. Little tiny cute tan babies that love hummus and falafel will rule the middle east on little miniature �Warrior Camels�. These camels will hunt for adults and teenagers, they will then bite the ankles of all of those who oppose. The little baby girls will be able to walk around with their baby husbands and they will ride the miniature warrior camels off into the night. Are you with me here?

There is a creature on the roof of the building right now. A furry little guy running around looking for nuts. I got some nut for him.

Did you know that your wife/girlfriend, husband/boyfriend is going to cheat on you?

Get back to work you fucking number 592

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