Oh Joy!
2003-09-10 || the woman elizabeth
soundtrack � the crusaders � the golden years

Don�t ask why I�m listening to this smooth jazz sounding thing right now. I was in the mood for jazz guitar, and with jazz guitar generally comes some seriously cheesy funk music sometimes. Anyway�

Watched line 5 episodes of Mr. Show tonight from the new set. How exciting is that? Amplifier is still in the shop. I think the last time the band rehearsed may have been�umm�sometime in the teens of August. We are going to go into the studio in November and record a demo CD of 6 newer songs for the hell of it. A cheaper studio, and not master it and do all that funky stuff. Mostly for our own listening enjoyment, and anyone else who may care at some point.

We were told to take any file sharing programs off of our computers at work. Where we are members of the RIAA, it would probably look bad if someone at the company were to get pinched. I somewhat agree with what they are doing though. All these fucking brats who refuse to buy full records by people, and give away hundreds of records just because they can is just bad in my opinion. I know that I, and most of my friends buy enough music anyway, that every once in a while, if I want to hear �Feel Like Makin� Love� by Bad Company, and I don�t want to go buy the CD, I can find a shitty quality version of it online.

On the other hand, if they had followed what they did with DVD�s, and lowered the prices once they started getting popular, instead of steadily increasing the SRP every other year, people would have bought more. I find it rather unfortunate that they are predicting that in years to come all music will just be paid for and downloaded. I�m sorry, but I like having the object in my hand with the artwork, etc. Even though the artwork isn�t as exciting as 12� records, it�s still nice thing. I couldn�t be the proud owner of this if everything was downloaded from the internet:

or have all of these Miles Davis CD�s

If they�re going to sue some people, and it means more money comes into the industry I work for�why should I give a shit about some rich college kid having to pay $5,000 cause he thought he would make copies of the new Bjork CD for all of his friends?

Anyway, nerds like me will always be around to buy physical items that contain music, so what the fuck�I say meet them halfway and buy used CD�s.

I also say you should not be as happy as you are. I think you really ought to take a look in the mirror tomorrow night before you go out for your nightly drink. The wife will be home when you get there. Your kids will be asleep. You�ll have the breath of an Irishman, and the cock of a priest�smelling like the soap you used on it this morning. Squeaky clean as a whistle.

Remember that third or fourth time you had sex with her? Remember that night? That was the best night ever, you played the Beatles Rubber Soul on repeat, talking the night away about your mother, your career as a college baseball player, your first girlfriend. She told you all about her grandfather, and her sisters, and acting classes in Boston back in the eighties.

She mentioned a guy named �Scott�. You heard the name before. She mentioned his name to her friend when the three of you went out together a few weeks ago. You have a feeling �Scott� may have been a boyfriend. Relieve yourself and imagine �Scott� was her gay drama class friend. The reality of the situation is �Scott� was guy she fucked for a semester. He was an older guy. He had a different girl a semester. He didn�t have a bad reputation though, he could fuck your wife to death in one weekend. He did. Your wife fucked �Scott� over and over. When she talks about it with her girlfriends she says �he was still my best. I mean I love my husband, but Scott could fuck me like a man should�.

You still have not made your wife come the way �Scott� did. And so is the harsh reality that your wife had much better sex before she met you.

There is no reason why this person needs to exist in this world.

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