Oh Joy!
2003-09-09 || oswald blues band
soundtrack � sun ra- the singles

Cold air does not make Dave Brubeck sound any blacker. Leaves that look like Puerto Ricans and honkies work well with Brubeck though, I look forward to Old Post Road in late October. If anyone calls, let them know we�ll be back in time for dinner.

Once you realize it is all mediocre, and you multiply it by thirty-three years on earth, you can justify bashing art that everyone loves. Regardless of how pretentious and obnoxious it can come off, you realize your opinion will always win. With that said, Bjork and the Flaming Lips should be put on a giant yellow airplane with a swastika on it, and flown into the Sears Tower in Chicago on Christmas Eve this year.

Today in work I decided that: �If you took a poll between women named Kim and Marci, I bet the Kims have given more head�.

Who is Jessica Simpson, and why should I care about who she is married to?

Tomorrow, they release Sgt Peppers, the movie with Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees, on DVD. I will spend the fifteen dollars to at least watch Earth Wind and Fire rock �Got to Get You Into My Life�, which in my opinion is better than the Beatles version. Sort of like �All Along the Watchtower� by Hendrix being better than the Dylan original, even Dylan admitted that.

I wanted to remove the monogrammed sweater of Terri in 9th grade. That yellow one she wore, with the initials under the neck. White corduroy pants.

Who doesn�t love this picture?

before & after