Oh Joy!
2003-09-08 || muffiny
soundtrack � smashing pumpkins � gish

Can you imagine thinking that Guns and Roses were an important band, or should be listed in a �best bands� list? I�m watching this thing on MTV2 called �the 22 Greatest Bands� and I really want to vomit. The people they are interviewing are saying things like �When you go see U2, it�s like a religious experience���Guns and Roses made music dangerous again�. I can�t even fathom Guns and Roses being �dangerous� to anyone. What do these people consider safe, if Guns and Roses are dangerous?

I haven�t really left the house this weekend. Last night I saw the movie Stoked in Cambridge, that�s about it.

On Friday, the colored janitor at my work ripped me off in a marijuana sale. He sold me something for way more money than it should have been I figured out after opening the thing up. I later found out he tried to sell the same thing to a girl in my office he thinks is hot for half as much. What a black motherfucker! This would be the second time a colored person has let me down in my life. The first would be when Prince released that Under a Cherry Moon record.

They are about to announce the �Number 1� band on this list�I only saw the end so I missed The Cure and Phish showing up amongst Korn, Limp Bizkit, Van Halen, Linkin Park, etc. Interesting�and it�s Nirvana�obviously. Fair enough.

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