Oh Joy!
2003-09-04 || born in the u.s.a
soundtrack � Bruce Springsteen � 18 Tracks

Home from work with a stomach ailment again. I�m hoping I don�t have what I had in April again, that would not be fun�although I would lose some weight anyway. Something or someone told me eating a fish sandwich off of the canteen truck at work would be a good idea. Afterwards, I felt like I was going to give birth to a giraffe�I still feel slightly like that this afternoon, as well as the bi-daily back issues.

I bought a million DVD�s this week: Mr Show, The Harder they Come Criterion Collection, as well as Man Bites Dog�I almost bought Down by Law, but these Criterion�s are so expensive�oh, and the Definitive Jux movie�oh, and the Simpsons 3rd season.

I like Jennie McCarthy better than Madonna.

This dream this morning: I traveled to the United Kingdom for some reason with Jodie, where we met up with Sarah in some house. The women at the house seemed to not want us to stay there. We were out in the country of England. I said I would use my cell phone to get a hotel. They told me there were no hotels in the country parts of the United Kingdoms, we would have to stay in a castle. Before we arrived inside the house, we were outside, where I introduced Jodie to Tom Cruise. Nicole Kidman was also there, and she gave me a very sexual hug. I remember thinking �Jodie must think I�m cool, I know Tom Cruise, and I�m making like it�s no big deal �Oh yeah, this is my friend Tom�maybe you know him?�

Suddenly, I was behind the counter at a �CD Bar�, which was a bar, but instead of shelves of alcohol, there were well alphabetized CD�s. I was working with the friendly Indian guy I see at 7-11 every night. Someone bought a Rolling Stones bootleg, and I had to grab the disc to put in their jewel cases. I could not find the disc though.

I was then at the end of the hall, where this man opened these two doors. Inside the little room, illuminated a light blue were these two little girls, ala The Shining. They were in little white dresses, yet they had demonic faces.

The guy who opened the door told me to watch them while he went and got something. I held them at bay with my foot, and their faces started morphing back to normal. There was a black snake on the floor. My phone rang and woke me up at this point�Strange, I rarely have dreams that vivid anymore. Generally if I stay somewhere not my home I�ll dream like that. Tom Cruise looked a little fat.

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