Oh Joy!
2003-09-03 || sweet potaosots
Soundtrack � Miles Davis � At the Blackhawk

I e-mailed the Army of God people last night and told them �me and some dudes are going down to Florida to break Paul (Hill) out of prison, you in?� The e-mail bounced back. So this guy is happy to die, as he thinks he is going to be rewarded in heaven, just like the dumb Muslim extremists. I have a new saying, or two new sayings rather:

The only good Christian is one that�s dead�and the only good Muslim is one that�s dead. If they really think they are going to �heaven� to be rewarded and live in eternity, let�s kill them all. Think of the how the world would be better if every single Muslim and Christian were dead:

� Parking spaces at all Wal-Marts would open up

� We could use all those cool looking churches for all night goth clubs

� Disneyland � Mecca

� Traffic would be nonexistent

Listening to this guy Paul Hill talk yesterday I get a sense that the pro-life people really are stupid. I mean it�s one thing to be personally against abortion, that�s great. But saying things like �I realized I had to defend these babies� is too silly for words. Or thinking you�re going to be rewarded in heaven�I can�t comprehend this in the least bit�anyway, who gives a shit, the guys going to be dead by the end of the day, and he�s not going to get any reward, he�s going to lay in a coffin for eternity. Good.

Today, it�s rather sunny out�I was up late playing Metal Gear Solid II on the PS2, which I bought the other day. I rarely play video games, but every once in a while I get the urge�so I bought it, as well as Grand Theft Auto Vice City. I like the games where you can shoot people in the head. I just rarely can spend the money on them. I like the feeling of a sweet Puerto Rican pussy wrapped around my rock hard fuck stick too, but I�m not going to go out and spend $150 on it.

If the woman in my office doesn�t shut up and do some work soon, I am going to fire her.

The electric guitar ladies and gentleman.


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