Oh Joy!
2003-09-02 || this judg(j)e
soundtrack � the clash � the clash

I fucking hate Chinese people more than anything in the world. Just kidding.

Tonight, I am finally home for a long period of time. I feel like a vacuum salesman, as I was rarely home in the month of August. This past weekend I did merchandise for a music festival down in Rhode Island. Mostly Cajun/Zydeco music and blues, etc. Little Feat headlined. They weren�t bad, and it was mildly exciting to be one of those guys with a laminate around his neck with the ability to walk behind the stage for no particular reason whatsoever. Of course I did that multiple times. The motel was a bit dingy, with nothing resembling warm water at all for both mornings I woke up. I assume I smelled like shit when I got home. Imagine if I was one of those people who always smelled like shit, and nobody told me? Hold on�No, I�m not.


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