Oh Joy!
2003-08-29 || od on pussy
Soundtrack � Neil Young � American Stars and Bars

While on the computer last night, I had the MTV awards on. If there was ever a place where a plane needed to crash into, it was that place. I did not see one single shred of talent in the whole thing I saw anyway. I watched the band Good Charlotte sing �I don�t wanna be like you� or something along those lines, and then knock over the drum set at the end of the song. How original. Does anyone actually care about Madonna at this point? She needs to be chopped into 30 pieces and shipped to Indonesia, where they could ground her up, and smoke her in huka pipes. This useless �talent� has been on my tv screen for half of my life now, and she still hasn�t done anything worthy of an award, or even a toe tapping from me anyway. She really sucks. She reminds me of the kinds of girls I hated in high school. Whores.

After driving home from work through a less than pleasant area of town last night, where white and black trash alike stand on corners and walk down the street trying to look tough in their baby blue jumpsuits, and then seeing the hip-hop people on the awards and people like Justin Timberlake surrounded by gigantic black guys when they walk on stage I wonder, when will that culture just go away? I�m agreeing with Tipper Gore and them now, although I think we should literally censor all of them. I think rap music should be illegal. I think we should send all of them to an island in the pacific where they can all walk around with their gangster lean, and fake titted lady friends, and ebonics talk and shoot each other and make really shitty music. The Roots can stay here. People like Eminem though, if that guy is supposed to be shocking, than I must really be a bad person because the only time Eminem could ever shock me, would be if someone played one of his records in front of me, and I ripped the plug out of the wall and almost got shocked.

I�m still a little concerned with Iggy Pop appearing with Outkast, but that�s a whole other argument.

What the fuck does this mean, and where�s my flamethrower?

On a positive, musical note. I bought three of the Neil Young reissues last night. The fact that On the Beach was never out on CD until now still baffles me, as one could argue it�s just as good as Harvest, or After the Goldrush. Also, Ribot�s Scelsi Morning, which is a brand new CD of chamber compositions. There is a Miles box set coming out of sessions from the Tribute to Jack Johnson record which should be the best thing to come out in a while. Anyway, enough of that, who�s got my naked pictures of Ruth Buzzi?

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