Oh Joy!
2003-08-08 || auschwitz festival of the arts, 2005
Soundtrack � Ween � Painting the Town Brown

How adorable is this little guy huh? omg I just want to squeeze the cuteness out of him! lol! :)

If I had a vagina rather than a penis I may have enjoyed the film Swimming a little more I think. It was still pretty good, and I think Lauren Ambrose is a fine young actress. I don�t think boys will get it though.

Saw Ween the other night up in New Hampshire for the first time. They were great, as the new record is as well. I managed to get dizzily stoned out of my head on the way up, and showed up midway through the third song or so which was helpful.

Who thinks Winona Ryder should be covered in battery acid?

Tomorrow we have a gig around the corner from the rehearsal space, a benefit for someone who needed a kidney I think. Should be a fun time, with an eclectic lineup, as well as the high-grade marijuana I got last weekend, how can you lose?

I wonder how much cocaine and money it would take to get Bob Geldof to reunite the Boomtown Rats?

I feel like every fucking day I have no time to myself. At least the last few weeks, ending yesterday finally. I have no idea what or where I was in 1998-1999, it is all a blur of road trips by myself halfway across the country. Next week is the last week, and then another vacation.

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