Oh Joy!
2003-08-08 || we are waiting for mildred to cut her hair, and we are bullshit
Soundtrack � It

So on Saturday afternoon, upon arriving on the parking lot of the festival, I drank a number of beers, smoked some pot, and soon after had a headache in the menacing sun. I never drink �a number of beers�, but I guess it helped the 45 minute walk from our parking space to the actual concert area. The sky was giant, the walk was to where you can�t see anything at all.

At some points of the rock concert it looked like this

This weekend, I will finish the bottle of red wine and write a few new songs to keep in my head for a little while.

If you make a promise to Christ, does it

I mean, today I was remembering how in the winter, -you know, how can you not love the clumps of snow caught in your boots when you take them off at night- I always remember certain parts of the summer that can take me back under those last days of winter in Massachusetts, which is generally around�June.

I learned the whole story about someone quitting smoking tonight.

Oh yeah, the best guy ever � sitting at a red light coming home from work and what comes trotting through the crosswalk but a male with black sneakers on (those Reeboks, or whatever 80�s rock guys wore�), white socks pulled up, long black skater shorts with a chain wallet, a bright red football shirt tucked into the shorts with the number �01� on the back, a baseball hat, a moustache, a mullet, and the best part�he was smoking a pipe! Like one of those Sherlock Holmes type motherfuckers. This is why I need to always have my camera with me�

This is why people drink:

An exhibition of the work of five Sudanese artists was a highlight of the conference

The day they found Ned�s sexuality in a UPS shipment

what the fuck is your excuse for 2:36?

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