Oh Joy!
2003-07-29 || Horsegasm
Soundtrack -

Who wants to fuck this horse???

10 PM tonight, there will be so much horse fucking on this diary that you won't even know what to do with yourself. A veritable party of cocaine and horse fucking nonstop at 10 PM EST tonight. July 29th, 2003. The United States of America, Earth. Horse fucking. Girls fucking horses. Men fucking horses. Women fucking horses. Boys fucking horses. Horses fucking men. Horses fucking women. Horses fucking boys. We will have it all. I have a feeling that this places will be turned into a stable of hot, wet luscious fuckathonication...

For those who know, you know, for those who don't, S.A.T.C.H.M.O.3 stands for

Stables Are Tempting Chapels (to bring) Horses Many Orgasms. The 3 is just there for good measure.

Now get along, and come back here tonight at 10.

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