Oh Joy!
2003-07-14 || say it about the garage
Soundtrack � Os Mutantes � Os Mutantes

It was an exhausting weekend, being outside for most of it. Saw 28 Days Later on Friday, went out to lunch and out for a drive at night, today went outside again, only to return home to do some work for tomorrow, which should be a pretty busy day. Had a brief meeting with my boss on Friday that smelled of �raise�, but I don�t have my fingers crossed or anything.

Yesterday, I bought 5 Jesus Lizard CD�s, and borrowed these Os Mutantes CD�s from my brother after hearing them in my office from a co-worker. This is great stuff that makes Beck possible in a strange yet obvious way. This CD is working great with the muted Linkin Park video on my TV right now. Now I�ll never know what they sound like.

Whereas I have nothing to say, let�s have some fun with the pictures I enjoy taking from time to time.

If you can tell me where you may have seen this CD in the past week or so online, I will give you 27 dollars in nickels.

This is what I see every day for 9 hours or so�whoops, looks like someone hasn�t been checking their voicemail.

Here is a picture of me and my little cousin the day after my grandfather�s funeral. With death, also comes new life.

Dan promises a dog "I'll pull out right before, don't worry".

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