Oh Joy!
2003-07-11 || the scary mountain of wacko goats and fruit penguins
Soundtrack � Big Chief � Platinum Jive

So last night, on my way home from the record shop I grabbed some food to cook for lunch for this afternoon. Since I am a cook in my spare time�at home, I decided to make some stir fry beef. I bought some stir-fry sauce in the ethnic section of the grocery store, some spicy shit. Of course, under the influence of hallucinogens in a kitchen, I poured in too much of the sauce. The shit was so fucking hot when I tried it, I had to run and grab my camera, as well as my copy of Kiss � Hotter than Hell so people could get the idea of what we�re looking at here.

It�s finally not 135 degrees today. We may see that 28 Days Later thing tonight, or, we may go to church, not sure.

Here�s a picture of my good friend Jesus looking over a baby

Speaking of church. Sometimes, when I, or rather, all the time when I play the guitar, I look up and see Jesus looking down at me smiling. I let him enter me, and try to play notes on the guitar that Jesus would play. This is the way everyone should use Jesus.

Sieg Heil!

I had a dream last night that was like an action movie. Normally, I lie here and there, but this is true, I really had this dream. I was in Afghanistan and had my new SUV. I lent my car to Osama Bin Laden, who in return gave me a handgun. The FBI came and busted me after this! There was more to the dream, and it was very scary and vivid. I guess because I bought an SUV, I�m now working with the terrorists. That�s what the dream meant�I just thought it was awesome to have Osama Bin Laden in my dream.

Wave to the Muslim extremist!

Take out your cock!

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