Oh Joy!
2003-07-02 || you gfuickin adashole!
Soundtrack � Wes Montgomery with Melvin Rhyne


People are dropping like flies nowadays. Shit, goddamn. Well, the people with big names are anyway.

Feeling slightly relieved from the car buying, work things, and constant state of ill health, but whatever.

Drove the new auto last night for a little while, and ran into some friends at the coffee shop. While standing there, a minivan pulled in with American Flags on the side, and the words �Free Rides to Church�. When he came out and got in the minivan, he said to us �You guys wanna listen to some Christian Rock?� I politely declined. He then said �I�m listening to it now if you want� or something like that. Is it my imagination, or are people who love Jesus completely fucking crazy and creepy people who all seem like child molesters and rapists? I honestly think, and correct me if I�m wrong but, if you love Jesus, or just plain believe in Jesus or God, you are completely fucking crazy, and you like fucking little boys. If I am wrong, I apologize in advance. I really hope I haven�t offended anyone on the internet by that statement.


I hate the annoying Jewish girl in my office right now.

I�ve come up with an idea for battered women. Yesterday, while joking with the office that the color of my new auto is called �battered women�, or �bruise�, I forgot that the evening before I was reading of a man who stabbed his wife to death. I got a little pissed off that a judge let this man free after doing something similar before. It seems like restraining orders are not working. The government is okay to let mobsters go on the witness protection program, and most of the time these guys are killers who have a long list of shit against them, but since they are giving some information to the law they get a deal. I think an option should be something similar to that for battered women.

I was thinking the other day about this guy that

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