Oh Joy!
2003-07-01 || this home ec
Soundtrack � Stan Getz � Roost Recordings

Persistent weeks of headache (fake) are gone at this point finally. Now we have a short week of work to celebrate our Independence. This is one of my least favorite holidays. I find fireworks about as exciting to watch as watching an episode of Cheers. There are crowds everywhere you go, it�s enough to make one wish we were still controlled by England. For some reason, fireworks, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and beer mean Independence. I think a better way to celebrate Independence Day would be to act independent. Go out and fuck three different people. Take a trip. Do things you do when you are newly out of a relationship, regardless of what your current status is.

I�ve been watching this show Out of Order on Showtime, which ended last night. It�s basically the story of a couple falling in and out of love. It made me realize that no matter how much someone can �cheat� makes no difference if you�re in love in the first place. As a younger guy I would get jealous if my girlfriends even looked at another guy walking down the street. I think with age, and after countless relationships you realize it doesn�t matter. Nobody is ever going to want to fuck the same person year after year. Regardless of what you want to tell yourself, your boyfriend or girlfriend has a number of people they want to sleep with. Sure they will be there for you through everything, and go to dinner with you, and take walks and drives with you. At some point though, when you�re not around, they are thinking about one of these people. Once you learn that everyone has this trait of human nature I think relationships are a lot easier. I can�t imagine being in a relationship and not having friends who are women, or allowing my girlfriend to hang out with their guy friends. Most guys are incapable of keeping friends who are women because they can�t separate the two, and generally want an argument to back up their reasoning why their women can�t have guy friends. Aside from my current relationship, it seems every single relationship I�ve ever been in has been: Have sex. Go out to dinner. Argue. Repeat. No thanks.

Why am I talking to you? I should be talking to myself.

Work is less busy now.

A lot of dead people lately.

I saw part of Breakfast at Tiffany�s the other night; can that movie be any lamer? I would like to see In Cold Blood, the other Capote adaptation, which was a good book, I can�t imagine this book being very exciting, unless you are reading it and you have a vagina.

Over the weekend withstood large crowds of teenage boys with sideways baseball caps and teenage girls flaunting their bodies to see some live music from a friends band. A drunk woman with a dog bothered me briefly. The dog was nice though. She came close to being thrown in the ocean, the woman that is. We stood where they filmed the Perfect Storm. It�s amazing how much better of a time is had when it is nice outside. I partly miss the snow though. Before we realize it, it will be freezing fucking cold here again. Walking around Gloucester I�m reminded of 800 relationships from the past. We spent lots of time there. Even last summer I spent time with the girl I was dating there. I�m reminded of walking around in the hot sun, or driving around in the snow covered roads trying to find

It�s is July, watch out-

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