Oh Joy!
2003-06-27 || Hail to the keef
Soundtrack � Marc Ribot � Saints

At home trying to finish up the employee reviews, as they are due on Monday. I have a lot of work to fucking do.

The show was good last night. Ribot played for about 30 minutes by himself doing some original stuff, a Masada song, and a Zorn song from the Book of Heads, as well as one of my favorite songs ever �I�m Confessin� (That I Love You)�. The band he played with after was pretty good, a lot of free jazz type stuff, nothing mind blowing though. He seemed to be holding back while playing with them, until they got to a blues, and he tore it up in that signature tone of his. so that was worth it.

Need to get back to work now�

What do you get when you add


that�s right, you get:

that's right, another fucking shithead dies this week...My bet is on Reagan next...Send a toast to Strom this weekend

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