Oh Joy!
2003-06-24 || Emerson, Lake, and Powell cassettes
Soundtrack � Miles Davis � Pangaea

I got fucked for the first time in 1985 right around this time.

I remember the same girl years later, in my car on top of me, while her boyfriend was at work. She started crying from guilt while on top of me. I said �It�s okay, we don�t have to do this...can you finish me off though?� I learned a long time ago that guilt is a feeling that should never be exposed. Along with guilt comes buying unnecessary gifts for your wife, etc. �I fucked my secretary, if I buy her flowers I should feel a little better�

A couple years before 1985, in junior high school, I dated a girl for a little while, when she started dating someone else in the middle of the relationship. This happened all the time. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I can�t blame people for being humans though. People like to have sex. I don�t claim ownership over anyone, so if someone wants to do it, and they are married, or taken or whatever, what�s the big fucking deal? I got over being jealous, possessive, and furthermore trusting of anyone years ago. This is my solo album, you don�t have to listen to it if you don�t want to.

so we have each other clear here, the man is in blue, and the woman is in pink.

Imagine this scenario: Milton Berle �jack-hammer� fucking Connie Chung backstage at a Foreigner concert with a Members Only jacket on, and black socks.

Driving through Lynn on my way home from work yesterday, I can�t help but be offended by the aggressiveness of some of the people there. The area is kind of a ghetto, but they�re trying to make it nicer, which they�ve been trying to do for years now. I think hip-hop music should be illegal. Unless of course, I�m in the mood to hear some.

I think people like Eric Rudolph should not be given the death penalty, I think he should be put somewhere with very little money, and be forced to raise three or four babies by himself all at once. After he realizes he can�t raise the kids, he should be put inside of a burning abortion clinic with locked doors, so he can get a taste of his own medicine. These people honestly think they could die for their Pro-Life cause, it�s a bit scary, the Army of God that is. All silly jokes about God and Jesus aside, I am still baffled at how many people around me Believe.

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