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2003-06-16 || the yee's village incident (Genghis Jon at Auschwitz, 1986)
Soundtrack � Bauhaus � In the Flatfield

So apparently if you can barely speak English you have no problem saying �I would like to apply for food stamps�, yet when someone says �yes, with sugar� you have absolutely no idea what it means.

I like the Bauhaus a lot. The band, as well as the movement

So this weekend I spent a good amount of time downloading illegal software from Kazaa. I got some Macromedia shit, some more audio programs, and a host of other things. I somehow managed to go out a lot over the weekend and socialize, and also stay in my room do bong hits, watch baseball, and play with photos on the computer. One of the main reasons I wanted the photo software, is so I can take the child pornography pictures I have, and super impose the kids next to adults, so they look like adults too. I won�t get in trouble if they find these pics. That was a joke. Ha ha, See?

Saturday morning I went to a couple of car dealerships. Man, those guys are silly. The guy we were dealing with kept trying to sell me a minivan. I said over and over I wanted the SUV, not a van. Minivans actually use more gas than SUV�s, despite what the kid with the dreadlocks and the �I heart Noam Chomsky� t-shirt tells you. I tell the guy I am in a rock band and we need the thing to carry equipment around. He asks the name of my band and I say, hoping he has no clue about anything, �The White Stripes, I�m the drummer�.

Saturday was divided into 6 sections: the morning trip to the car dealership, the afternoon lunch with Shawn, the rest at home and stealing of software, the bar with Dan, Crystal, Michaela, Heather, and Shawn, and our Japanese friend Jordan McPhillips, the breakfast afterwards, and then the stealing of more software at home.

Saturday evening was fun, we took the outsiders to the bar in downtown Salem and sat on the patio amongst a plethora of presumably shaved girls, and dudes with white baseball hats and sleeveless shirts revealing barbed wire, tribal tattoos. I had a total of one beer, and then was mesmerized by the rain drops surrounding the street lantern on the sidewalk. We were �protected� by an umbrella. It always amazes me how many people can�t deal with rain. Umbrellas. Who the fuck uses umbrellas? Old women, and white people. I like a little rain.

The most important event of the weekend though wasn�t at the bar, wasn�t online, wasn�t at lunch, it was buying the Monkees Complete First Season box set on DVD for $29. I watched about 4 episodes already.

See, us black people can get along with you whites

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