Oh Joy!
2003-06-11 || gole (t9)
Soundtrack � Neil Young � American Stars and Bars

Back to work with quite possibly the worst cup of coffee I�ve ever had in my life.

Last night, I had a headache that rivaled the one from the Rolling Stones show last year, this was preceded by a quick trip to the rehearsal room to discover it was closed. The fuckers. It was kind of a funny scene, tons of musicians standing in the parking lot waiting for the guy to show up and open the place up. I drove off as quickly as possible. I can�t imagine standing around a parking lot and listening to people use words like �mathy� to describe music, etc.

The weekend turned out pretty good. We missedBtchelicious and her husband on Saturday by minutes apparently. Sunday we had the drive down to New Jersey for the gig. We had a great time doing everything but playing the gig. First off, my guitar was out of tune for the first couple of songs, way out of tune. This is my fault for changing the strings the night before. Normally this isn�t that big of a deal. Addie , and Peth showed up though. We watched them collect sea glass on the beach, and then we watched the owner of the club suffer from one of the most bizarre bouts of OCD I have ever seen in my life. I don�t think I could even explain it here.

I am bored as fuck with everything and everyone right now, I don�t even want to leave the house anymore.

Witnessing couples argue in a parking lot yesterday, on the phone here and there makes me breathe a sigh of relief that I�m not involved in anything like that. Couples make me want to vomit blood. I like the way things are, I like the way I am. I just hate the way the world revolves around me.

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