Oh Joy!
2003-06-02 || shopping list
Here is my friend Sarah's shopping list for the week

bling bling!

Shopping List � June 2, 2003

Monday Run Ground Round Tacos vv Ground RoundBag of LettuceSour CreamCheeseSmall TomatoTaco Shells

Tuesday S&S, swim Chicken & Broccoli Casserole vvv Chicken breastsLow fat mushroom soupBroccoliOnionRed pepper

Wednesday Run, movie night Frittatas & Salad vvv EggsRed pepperMushroomsCheeseCucumberTin of sweetcornTin of black olivesOnion

Thursday S&S (Karina and Lizzie for dinner?), swim Chilli v Mince MeatTin of red beansTin of diced tomatoesRed pepperGarlicOnion

Friday Kardio Leftover chili

Misc MilkBreadMarmaladeBananasApples2 potatoesI can�t believe its not butter

before & after