Oh Joy!
2003-06-02 || lionel richie vs the starchild
Soundtrack � The Cure � Pornography

Not necessarily Monday morning music, but hey, I used to hang around cemeteries and wear fucking rosary beads, etc. This shit is in my blood. I never wore lipstick though.

The weekend was pretty good. We went to have some drinks and watch some live music on Friday night. I ended up getting a good buzz on�Here is the �I am a fucking moron� story part 1:

I stop to buy cigarettes on the way home from the bar on Friday night. They have the �buy 2, get 1 free� deal. I ask for that, and the guy says �we have the buy one get one free though�. He has a Spanish accent, so I subconsciously think he has no idea what he�s talking about and I say �yeah, but I want the three�. He says �but you can��. I cut him off and say �I just want the three�. I get out to the car and tell Dan about it and I�m like �can you believe the nerve of that guy�. He says �If you bought 2 of the �buy one get one free�, you would have got 4 packs of cigarettes, and spent the same money. I think he was trying to help�.



On Saturday night, went to see the Matrix movie. I dozed through most of it, so I have absolutely no idea what it was about. My silence in the car on the ride back was surrounded by �what if it was actually a second Matrix, and the people were in the real one, but some people�� conversation, which I was completely lost in.


Today for some reason I woke up with �Hello� by Lionel Richie going through my head, it actually continued throughout my shower too. It was kind of funny, when I came out of the shower, my blind wife had made this bust of me in the dining room! Funny thing is, I�m not married to a blind woman�I�m actually not married at all. I have no idea why this blind woman was making this statue of me out in the dining room.

I had a dream last night that I changed the heading of this here page to something else�I hope it comes to me, as it sounded a little more interesting than that.

How may people up in here like to take a taste of alcohol?!

Will you marry me, Ms Blind lady out in the living room making a bust of me that looks like Lionel Richie and me crossed? Here is a current picture of me

before & after