Oh Joy!
2003-05-21 || goldie hawn tickets

Soundtrack � Little Walter � Chess Recordings

I would advise anyone to stay away from Seabrook New Hampshire in the next few days. If these terrorists are smart, they will try to blow up the nuclear power plant there this weekend, especially where it is the biggest weekend for tourists on the beaches up there. Anyway, just a thought, and if you are an extremist Muslim and need an idea, there you go.

So the PETA organization set up their new posters in downtown Boston yesterday with pictures of animals caged up next to Jews in concentration camps. Can these people be any more obnoxious? I really think the Constitution should be updated, as people like this are useless in my eyes. I don�t think everyone deserves free speech, in fact I don�t think many people at all deserve it. Why can�t we fuck with it, the liberals want the 2nd amendment taken out of the Constitution; We took the slavery things out of there. Why not start anew, that shit is old. Does any person really think white power organizations should have the right to speak? I think I�d rather follow the bible at this point than the Constitution. Cocksuckers at PETA, I�m going to have veal tonight, as it tastes good.

Charlie Chaplin walks into a Jethro Tull gig, I walk in with him. Does anyone know where I can get the Marx Brothers on DVD? Come on motherfuckers, show a brother some love.

Nipsey knows beef.

Wo d

So it turns out that, well forget it. Hackkkkk.

They showed these white power video games on the internet last night. How cheesy. The best thing about white power people is all of the shit they do is so second rate. The video game graphics looked so bad, the websites always look awful, and the music is bad. Although, as much as I hate to admit it, Skrewdriver had some pretty catchy songs, and their first record �All Skrewed Up� is a great punk record, with no racist material on it. I have it somewhere.

Who are the people that do shit like yu know juist do ist

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