Oh Joy!
2003-05-19 || morp and ind3
Soundtrack � Soul Asylum � Say What you Will �

I can�t eat bagels and cream cheese in the car without it getting on my self. So now I have a stain on my shirt for the day, and I was late as I had to refinance the condo today and sign my name 30 million times with Mr. Cohen our lawyer. Upon arriving I said �sorry I�m late folks, I needed some money so I stopped at a rest area on the highway�.

Speaking of Jewish people, I watched that Hitler, or some of that movie last night. First off, I couldn�t deal with the fact that every commercial break they showed the commercial for some fabric softener with these people jumping up and down smiling, etc. I mean, personally I thought it was kind of funny, but I assume if you were a holocaust survivor you would have been offended. Secondly, I was waiting for the guy playing Hitler to start stripping at any minute�didn�t happen.

So we sent the CD out this morning (hopefully�) Aarne came by last night and while looking at the order form and contract thingy we realized we never got permission to use the film samples we have on there�whoops. I said �just send it, we�ll lie�. Hopefully nobody will notice�

How exciting is it going to be to sweep the Yankees back to New York this week?

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