Oh Joy!
2003-05-16 || genghis jon pt. 2
Soundtrack � Albert Ayler � Bells

Why why why why why why why why why.

Dear Jesus,

So this morning I realized I locked my car in the garage last night with the clicker thing. I will not do this ever again Jesus, I promise you.

I am completely empty of anything to say at this point in my life. I am completely done. Ready to move to Heaven with you Jesus.

Will you do magic tricks for me? Will you forgive me for everything I�ve done?

Thank you, and see you soon!


I�ve ignored voice mails at work now. I�ve deleted e-mails.

I told Jodie that if a plane crashed and it was filled with people responsible for spam e-mail�if they announced on the news that because these 100 people or so died and their families were now poor, hungry and lonely, but it meant all spam e-mail would end, I would hold a party. I would invite everyone. Why waste my time?

Watched quite possibly the worst movie about John Gacy the other night. Was that last night? I have no idea�

How bad of a day is Johnny Cash having right now btw?

So this man got caught trying to meet up with a boy he met on the internet this week. Some sort of coach. When are pedophiles going to learn that if you are going to pick up little boys you need to do it in real life, not on the internet. It�s always a trap on the internet.

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