Oh Joy!
2003-05-14 || rising low...
Soundtrack � Sun Ra � Greatest Hits The notion that there is a CD called �Greatest Hits� by Sun Ra is pretty funny. While cooking that meal late last night I was watching that Metallica Icon thing. I must say that Limp Bizkit actually did the best job. How much goddamned fucking noise can one make with their guitar? Not enough. Well. I don�t like making noise, more than I like creating some sort of mood, whether it be a bad, or a good feeling. We are sending the CD out to be printed up this week finally. The cover has a similar theme to the first one, and despite what anyone thinks, all of the song titles do have significance to the songs themselves. I�d be happy to explain any of them to anyone who gave a shit. No lyrics inside the CD, but a short �story� I wrote that explains the songs, and how they all tell a story if listened to in a row. I think the story, or letter to the person makes it a little more clear. The story is actually a letter written to the person whom the songs are mostly all about. There is no thank you list. I think putting endless lists of every person you know on a thank you list is ridiculous. There were five people responsible for the CD, and they are listed in there. The band, and the producer. Nobody else did anything for us though, at least nothing that deserves a �thank you� in the middle of a list of Breauxs aunts and cousins, and people we know in bands. Alongside the people who send out junk mail should be the people responsible for pop-up windows. These people should all be given a scalding hot diet root beer enema. (diet because of the cancer causing Nutrasweet, etc) A second ago, I was stretching, I leaned back, closed my eyes and saw tons of meal worms.


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