Oh Joy!
2003-05-09 || the cat spoke japanese
Soundtrack � Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg

Imagine saying things like �life sucks�? Heh, how fucking stupid can someone sound? Life sucks�people suck�blah blah blah, give it a rest and do something about it. At any rate, tonight was okay. We took my mother out for her birthday to a big Italian restaurant in downtown Boston. There were 12 of us, and I sat across from a woman who just would not fucking stop talking. I get uncomfortable and uneasy feeling when people talk and talk and talk, especially in a crowded, loud restaurant. I cut out a few minutes early to go see some live music, and decided to come home instead.

According to Mapquest , it takes 6 minutes to drive from Davis Square in Somerville to the theatre district in downtown Boston.

Marilyn Manson was on David Letterman a little while ago talking. As much as I don�t really care about the music, he seems like a pretty nice guy. He was well spoken in Bowling for Columbine.

Brazilian girls in tight Strokes shirts with big tits don�t do it for me.

the number of women who have fucked Carson Daly versus the number of men who have fucked Carly Simon.

The news said scientists said people are grown up at age 26. I don�t think I�ve ever met a grown up person who is 26 years old.

I am a better actress than this human being, I�m a better black actress anyway. Go ahead, nobody is looking, you can admit this movie was fucking stupid.

Holy shit, Santa Claus just showed up here.

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