Oh Joy!
2003-05-06 || you cannot be serious
soundtrack � Richard Thompson � Live Acoustic thingy I can�t remember the name of

The internet is putting me to sleep at this point. What was once a good place to come for a little bit of entertainment has now become another task. It�s like fucking your wife for the 500th time. Was that a harsh thing to say? Are you mad at me?

I am now clean and sober for weeks. If I were more rich, and less of a procrastinator, this would not be true.

Oh my God, I was like totally at the mall yesterday. Oh my God. LOL.


So it turns out I did not reach my boss when I e-mailed in sick on Friday, so today he said �what happened to you Friday?�. He thought I was AWOL. Whoops.

I started an Ebay selling account. I am not going to part with any of the old school hardcore and punk stuff, but I do have some interesting things I may be able to get a little money for. There�s no way I will sell any of this stuff though, sorry�

I should put these pictures on there and write �minimum bid $7,000,000.00

I should go to sleep also.


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