Oh Joy!
2003-05-05 || Player Hating in the 978 area code
Soundtrack � Frank Zappa � The Best Bend You�ve Never Heard

Monday morning, and I�m ready to leave and go get fucked up somewhere in the sun. I do have new shorts I bought yesterday.

Last night I accidentally figured out just how easy it is to find child pornography on the web. Kind of like Pete Townsend. Can they track that shit I wonder? It�s not like I was looking at it and saving them to my computer�anyway. How funny that today is �Children�s Day� in Japan. Heh.

It�s good to see everything at least once in your life.

I have this Yahoo mail account, and it has a religious title. I was going to either infiltrate, or start a new Yahoo Group to fuck with people.

I�ve decided that, I don�t hate people, and people who do are ignorant, but I do think most people are rude, inconsiderate and need to be fucked with on a regular basis. I don�t see what�s wrong with standing in line somewhere and calling the old man in front of you a �playa hayta�. The notion that �people suck� is so fucking stupid it makes me think that, people are stupid. But no, I don�t hate groups of people �I hate hippies�, or �I hate ravers�, no, there are some people who suck in all of these groups. I seem to run into them on a daily basis. I think people that bug me, and people I love and like should be killed, what�s the big deal. Think of all the parking spaces!

Yesterday, went to one of those comic collectors shops in downtown Salem while we were walking around down there looking for a gift for Shawn�s girlfriend. I came close to buying a bullet proof vest in the Army surplus store.

(Actually, I think in the next election only black men should be allowed to vote. No white men, no white women, no black women. Black men, that�s it. If that happens, I will vote for Gary Hart)

the same lesbianated track running girl has been working at the coffee hut thingy for years now. I never go there anymore. Today I stopped there to get my coffee though, and I realized why I never go there. The coffee tastes like fucking coffee ice cream.

-here�s the clincher: the song is about people who want to be someone else, and how fun it is to watch the chameleons eat each other.-

The kid at the coffee shop on Saturday said �why can�t people just delete the junk mail, it�s not that big of a deal�. These cocksuckers should not be sending me this shit. I pay for my e-mail service, and I don�t want unsolicited shit from them. Just as I don�t want to see commercials at the fucking movies. I will sign anything to make it stop. I would sign an agreement that said �George Bush will be president for the next 20 years, and all children will be born with burned flesh and no eyes, but all Spam e-mail and advertisements at movie theatres will stop� I would be the first motherfucker to sign that cocksucker.

I kind of wish I hadn�t seen the �in the last 3 episodes of Six Feet Under� thing last night and saw Nate answer the phone and say �yes this is him�. I am predicting that she killed herself at the ocean. I did see the scene of Billy kissing his sister from a mile away, he is pretty creepy. Nate is my favorite character on there, followed by Claire for obvious reasons.

Why you gotta be a playa hayta?

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