Oh Joy!
2003-05-04 || oh, the world is so shallow, peter murphy where are you? : (
soundtrack � John Coltrane � Sun Ship

Whereas I like to be an individual at all times, I could quite possibly be the only person in the world listening to John Coltrane � Sun Ship, and watching Ernest Goes to Jail with the volume down. And people say I�m not cool.

Just got in from seeing the X-Men movie with Shawn and Dan, it was pretty good. Entertaining in an action movie kind of way, bringing back memories of a time when I collected comic books and did that thing�I must have been single during that period of my life. We saw a preview for the Matrix movie where I immediately thought of what kinds of drugs I could possibly get my hands on before going to see it. I then realized I don�t really �do drugs�, I smoke pot here and there, but that�s about it. Well, Opium, but that is very rare. I�ve never done anything else though.

We watched Annie Hall before going to the movie. I think I could recite that whole movie in my sleep at this point. The boys liked it I think.

Today, I went to sell one of my guitars. I realized I have 5 of them, and I generally only play one of them, so I could part with one of them, the Gibson SG. Before leaving for the music store, I took it out of the case, and realized it only had five strings on it. I have it in one of those �gig bags�, which looks like a rifle case. Shawn needed to stop at the bank to get some money out, so while he was in there, I decided to restring it. So I went in the backseat while parked in front of the bank, and put the gig bag on my lap and suddenly realized people may think I was taking a rifle out. I felt powerful for a brief moment. I then restrung it, and we were on our way.

The man at the store was this �rock guy� named �Jazz� who looked like he may have been upset he never got to be in the Rolling Stones. He didn�t notice the hairline crack on the bottom of the neck thankfully, but did mention I had 3 G strings on it. Whoops. I then thought he thought I was selling a stolen guitar, or had no idea how to play a guitar. I joked that the last time I had 3 G strings on was when I woke up in a puddle of vomit at my friends bachelor party to break the slightly stressful situation. No I didn�t, I just made that up right now. I didn�t joke with �Jazz� at all. I wonder what his knowledge of Jazz music was. I wonder if he can name all the sidemen on Art Blakey�s entire recorded output on Blue Note like I can. He was skinny and had lots of silver bracelets on, etc. Bright red sneakers. I bet he owns Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. That record sucks. Just kidding. Who are the jazz snobs that are that pretentious? Or the black-nationalist jazz people who hate it because Bill Evans is on it. Fuck, that record wouldn�t be what it is if it weren�t for Bill Evans.

So I wanted to trade the guitar for some new shit, but they were out of stock. Jazz took my number, and I am going to bring it back this week when they get the shit I want back in. Thank you Jazz.

So I�ve decided there are far too many of these brooding Brazilian people over at Fotolog , so I am going to make a fake brooding guy log in there once I get some more pics. I may head to the cemetery at some point this week, in the meantime, I decided to take a picture of myself wearing a black cowboy hat holding a Bauhaus CD.

This should be fun�Perhaps I can make it a semi public one, and give the password to some of my other Fotolog pals, like the New Jersey ladies, and see if they can help out as well. Heh.

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