Oh Joy!
2003-05-02 || entering the supreme
soundtrack � John Coltrane � A Love Supreme

Some things need to be done. Obviously this existence is great, I have some great people around me, there are hobbies I love. I am happy, 24 hours a day. I�m not satisfied though. I�ve waited long enough though, and it�s time to do it. There are a few of them, and now it has come time for their demise. Back in the day I said I would wait a sufficient time to deal with it all.

First, there is the man who may or may not be related to a beat poet from Merrimack Valley who isn�t Jack Kerouac. He does not deserve to be here anymore. His filthy world will come crashing down. I�ve waited years for this moment�.any fuck with half a brain can break into a car. I have devised a device that I will plant in his car. I can trip car alarms. I know I can. He may be too fucking cheap to own one anyway. I took photos of his car recently. I got the make and model of it, and then went online and downloaded some diagrams for auto mechanics of the particular model of car, as well as common alarm systems. Upon inspection of the blow ups of his car it appears he has no alarm though, but you never know. There are ways around this.

I have devised a little aluminum container which can house liquids without spillage, but with holes in the top of it so vapors can be released. In this container will be 65 % ammonia, and 35% bleach, or �mustard gas�, chloramine. When inhaled, this gas releases ammonia, hydrochloric acid, and oxygen free radicals in the lungs. Small amounts of chloramine may cause mild irritation, but it can corrode the tissues of the lung and damage the cells.

In the car, I will also bring some super glue, which I will use to seal the windows shut in his car. Upon watching him for a few weeks, I have figured out his schedule, and know how long it takes him to get to work. I have figured out that if I can get this in his car 90 minutes before he enters his car in the morning, or in the evening when he leaves work the odor should not linger too long. I don�t want him to get in the car and immediately jump out. The container will be duct taped underneath the passenger side of his car.

(I need to do this now. I cannot wait any longer to make this horrible man suffer. This rapist, this big mouthed fuck, this child molester, this bigoted fuck must pay. I am going to be the judge of this, and nobody can stop me.)

In high school, there were a group of men who would make fun of me for looking punk rock, with their fucking Polo shirts and dumb haircuts and shoes and girlfriends who never came when they fucked them because they were weak selfish worthless guys. There was one in particular that kept this shit up well after high school when I would see him. In his twenties, he would still waste time making comments and talking shit from his big Italian mouth, he made me ashamed to be Italian. Now, he is going to pay the price. It has been 12 years now or so since the last incident took place as I stopped at a stop sign in front of his house.

Thank the Lord Jesus Christ all mighty that he lives on a darkened street with the only surrounding houses a good distance from each other. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ that this man has a big picture window looking into his living room where I can see everything. I have made a few drive by�s in the past few months, and it appears he lives alone, and aside from having the guys over for sporting events, he lives a pretty laid back lifestyle now. That has no bearing on what he rightfully deserves at this point in his life though. There is no reason why this man needs to exist anymore. I heard other stories about him, and wonder from time to time if I should get in touch with some of his other victims and let them know what will happen to him.

Some people do not understand murder. Most people think the justification of it is generally wrong, but there are certain circumstances when things just need to be done. I live a pretty laid back life at this point. I am relatively low key. There were never any well publicized incidents between me and any of these people, so my alibi�s are going to be sealed tight.

I have some of those wood door wedges that I am going to put in front of the front door of his house, making it impossible for the door to be opened from the inside. I will do this on the back door that appears to lead into his kitchen, as well as sealing the bulkhead door that leads to his basement. An hour or so after he goes to sleep, he is going to get the same treatment as the other fuck is getting. This one will be going in through a window though, and it will be preceded by a flaming bottle of gasoline, or two. My car will be nowhere near the house, and if the bottles of gas are small enough, it won�t be a huge fire or anything. I need it to be a small fire so that I can get away in time.

More than anything, I need to get this done. Whether it�s in the next few weeks, or next few months, the deed will be done. This will be done, and there is nothing anyone can say or do to stop me from doing it. I�ll be okay, God told me to do this. He realizes how clean of a life I live, and has guaranteed forgiveness.

"Slay and utterly destroy after them, says the Lord, and do all that I have commanded you."

..........Jeremiah 50:21

"If you can't involve your spirit in the creative process, you can never expect to defeat the destructive elements on earth."

-Sun Ra

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