Oh Joy!
2003-05-01 || cerelala is out of it for the eighth
Soundtrack � John Zorn � Filmworks XII

This morning I was told �don�t miss Joan Baez� and that I could �add 3 inches�, both within a few minutes in my e-mail box. Yesterday I read in the news that people can go to jail for sending spam in Virginia now. I would feel more comfortable with castration personally, but this is a step in the right direction anyway.

Last night I watched a movie called �The Believer� about a neo-Nazi who is Jewish. Again, the portrayal of skinheads was so bad I had to shut it off after a little while. It was a little better than American History X which was quite possibly the worst portrayal of skinheads I have ever laid my eyes on at that point, and a bad movie in general. Sorry, but Ed Norton does not play a convincing Nazi. I don�t think film will ever get it done right. I figured with an independent movie, and a bunch of those �Sundance� symbols on the box it would be decent, but�yeah. Umm, should have rented Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant instead.

Eectridj guitars

Who signed my book and told me to find God? Please. Not interested.

Who thinks George Bush wants "them colored folk to vote for me" by sending money for AIDS to Africa, raise your hand.

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