Oh Joy!
2003-04-30 || hipn 7 (outside)
Soundtrack � Nile � Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka

Yes, it is warm again here today. I had a late night last night, went to see some live music for free in Brookline.

Reading through the news I am now just a bit confused, who is Elizabeth Smart and who is Laci Peterson and who is Jessica Lynch? What is American Idol, and what is Nashville Star, and what is Joe Millionaire and Survivor, and who is Simon? All of this crap seems like absolutely nothing when I look at the big picture of my life. Laci Peterson�s body is unimportant to me when I found out yesterday that my grandfather will probably be gone �within the month�, and he doesn�t want to be put on life support because he �wants to be with my Rosie�, my grandmother who died a couple of years back. It�s strange how little I can care about all of the things going on around the world if they don�t pertain to me personally. How could I possibly care that Elizabeth Smart probably had sex with that bizarre bearded guy over and over when I have to remember to pick up John Zorn�s Chimera CD, which is a new chamber piece he has been working on for the last couple of years. I mean this kind of shit is exciting to me, and makes my eyebrows raise when I read about it. Is it cruel of me to not care whether this person died 900 miles away from me, or this person is now a millionaire when I need to worry if I am going to fit into the suit for this impending funeral that will be coming in the next month or so? I don�t think so. I have a small network of people I love and care about, with the first one being me. I haven�t the time to say �that�s awful that those people did that� or what not.

I�m sure I will be a pallbearer again at this one. What a strange thing that is. I really hate going into churches, and I hate having to be involved in anything religious in any shape or form, but the family is Italian Catholics from East Boston and Revere and Malden, so I guess I have to follow it for these little things. One of the last times I was in a church, for a wedding a while back, not last year, but one a few years ago, I brought a copy of Slayer � Reign in Blood on cassette in with me. I had it in the inside pocket of my jacket just to see what would happen. I wasn�t struck down or anything. Heaven. Feh.

Does anyone know what �Jazz Heaven� is? If so raise your hand, you know what I�m talking about. That is some funny shit�

We got offered another show in June in Somerville, it�s the day after another show we have in Salem though. A tour so to speak. Shit.

So in front of the bar last night this drunk guy was talking to anyone who would listen about smoking and how awful it is that he can�t smoke in public places anymore, etc. People are still upset about this? Deal with it, fuck. I smoke, and I just assume you can�t smoke anywhere anymore. This guy was going on and fucking on about it though, as if it�s some new thing. I think Brookline may have been one of the first places in Massachusetts, or even the North East that banned it actually.

I think I need lunch, what are you lookin at?

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