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2003-04-29 || survey says "You are XXXXXXX"
enough about these friggin survey's. I stole this from some person who told btchelicious to fuck off, perhaps a joke? some punk rock person or something had it...this same person left a note for btchy with a big long word, so I stole the big long survey. now, I will get back to work though

Current thing on: your mama

Current Makeup: none

Current Mood: hot in here

Current Music: Something from Afghanistan you wouldn�t understand

Current Taste: coffee

Current Annoyance: white people

Current Smell: perfume

Current thing I ought to be doing: typing

Current Desktop Picture: none more

Current Favorite Group: the Ku Klux Klan, I don�t agree with them, but they are my favorite group mostly because of the nifty outfits they get to wear.

Current Book: Diary of a Drug Fiend � Alleister Crowley

Current CD In Stereo: Didn�t we go over this already?

Current DVD In Player: Inside Lydia�s Ass III

Current Color Of Toenails: outrageous cherry

Current Worry: that I won�t ever get to meet Phil Collins

Current Crush: Orange

? Last Person.. ?

You Touched?: The Hispanic woman at Dunkin Donuts

You Talked to?: Mary in the warehouse

You Hugged?: Maryann, upon leaving the gig the other night

You Instant messaged?: Sarah

Hair Color: black

Hair Style: is for pussies

Eye Color: brown

Height: 5� 11�

Location: Salem, MA

Birthday: 11/3/69


Favorite Animal: any member of the hoovstock family

Favorite Color(s): I�m a guy

Favorite Song(s): India � John Coltrane

Favorite SONG Quote: �It�s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes�

Favorite Store: My room

Favorite Shoe: I�m a guy

Do you move fast or slow in a relationship?: if I�m fucking, fast, if we�re walking, slow.

Would you ever ask someone out?: no

[Love, Life & Friends]

Whens the last time you cried?: when I was 8 years old probably

What do you want to be when you grow up?: a homoerotic art teacher

Do you want children?: no

Have you ever been in love?: yes

Do you still love that person?: yes

Do you have a best friend?: yes

[Within the last 24 hours, have you]

Had a serious talk?: not really

Hugged someone?: no

Gotten along well with your parent(s)?: yes

Could you call not talking getting along? no

Fought with a friend?: no

[Do you like to]

Give hugs?: Please don�t touch

Take walks in the rain?: yes

You ever have that falling dream?: yes

What is on the walls of your room?: Lizzie McGuire�s head

When you chew gum, what kind?: yes, I�m kind

Do you use chapstick?: I have sex with women only actually

[In the last month have/did you]

Drink?: no

Drugs?: perhaps

Have Sex?: no

Go on a date?: no

Gone to the movies?: yes

Go to the mall?: yes

Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: no

Eaten sushi?: no

Been on stage?: yes

Been dumped?: no

Had someone be unfaithful to you?: I have no idea

Watched The Smurfs?: no

Hiked a mountain?: no

Made homemade cookies?: no

[More stuff]

1. Are you popular?: According to the list of linkers to this thing, no

2. Are you hot? It is about 72 in here

3. Do you have your own phone line?: yes

4. What is your favorite word to say?: cocksucker

5. What is your favorite phrase to say?: �why don�t you take those off now, it�s okay�

6. What are you doing right now?: existing

7. What song are you listening to?: Nothing I can pronounce

8. What are you wearing?: The bottom of my sneakers


1. Cold or hot?: hot

2. Lace or satin?: men

3. Blue or Red?: red

4. New or old?: new

5. Rain or snow?: rain

6. Give or receive?: give

7. Wool or cotton?: rabbit

8. Rose or Daisy?: Rose McGowan is underrated

9. Private school or public school?: public

10. Chocolate milk or plain milk?: white

11. Celsius or Fahrenheit?: It�s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes

12. Spring or Fall?: spring

13.Inny or Outie?: inny

14. Now or then?: now

15. How many fingers am I holding up? 8

16. Scent? no

17. English or Math?: english

18. Bath or shower?: shower

19. Bedtime phrase?: �if I don�t wake up, you�ll have to feed yourself in the morning, remind me to show you how to open cans of food with paws�

20. Self-stick or lick?: Paul Stanley

21. Cursive or print? print

22. Do you like surprises?: yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23. Paranoid or Cautious?: cautious

24. Heights or Crowds?: white people

25. Half-full or half-empty?: Jay - Z

26. Top or bottom?: The Top, it�s the �heroin album� as most Cure people call it

27. Do you / would you dye your hair?: no

28. Speeding or running red lights?: carrying concealed weapons of mass destruction

29. Gold or silver?: Bling Bling!

30. Bad habits?: 81

31. Piercings?: why?

32. Erogenous Zone(s)?: 33

33. "Maybe" or "Mebbe?": may is warmer than april anyway

34. Snore or talk?: Flip Wilson, on cough syrup

35. What do you wish you'd done?: Broke Kerry�s heart before she broke mine�wait that was in the 80�s

36. Fetish?: urine�no�ummm�none

37. Do you have one of THOSE voices?: The dog

38. Jammies or naked?: Overrated and useless to me

39. Neurotic or psychotic?: neurotic

40. Do you talk to yourself?: yes

Survey Part 2


Wear make-up? no

Eat brocoli? yeah

Have a goldfish? no

Have any pets?: 1 cat, and 1 maid

Give high fives? Just women I like, not men

Eat with your mouth open? Hell no, I�ve left restaurants when in the company of someone doing this

Keep in touch with old friends? I�m not good at that

Does your crush know you like them? I would think so


...color is your carpet in ur room? When I sleep it looks black

...is the last cd u bought? Good question

...is your computer? Inside Lydia�s Ass III

...is your fav way to spend the summer? On THC

...are you doing tonite? Flying kites on the beach with my friend Timmy

...do you want to live when you get older? No, I want to be dead when I am an old person

...do u want to go for your honeymoon? Inside Lydia�s Ass III

[ Have you.. ]

Had sex? That�s what I called it, the lawyer said it was something else though

Written your own song? tons

Written poetry? No thanks

Written a poem for a guy/girl? no

Been kissed? Like down there? Not telling OMG LOL! J

Done Drugs? yeah

Been on stage? yes

Been dumped? yea

Dumped someone else? yes

Been in a car? Nope

Hiked a mtn? no

Swam in the ocean? yeee

Been stung by a jelly fish? no

Been out of the country? No thanks, imagine if my hands had AIDS on them

Stayed home on a Friday nite? Practically every Friday

Been in love? Yes

Do you�..

Vote: No

Smoke: yes

Eat meat: no

Enjoy your life: very much

Hate anyone: no

Swear: fuck no

Like filling out these surveys: yeah, OMG LOL

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