Oh Joy!
2003-04-25 || you're jealous again
soundtrack � 43 punk rock songs

Can someone please tell me where the term �pet dander� came from, and why it just started showing up in the English language four weeks ago?

I made this mix cd a while back, and haven�t listened to it in quite a bit. There are so many songs on it, that the writing is barely readable. Anyway, �Amoeba� by the Adolescents is the best song ever, as of right this second.

I was highly unimpressed with how the new woman at the coffee shop made my drink tonight. I like a stronger drink, this is too fucking sweet. Not that I should be drinking espresso drinks at 1:13 AM EST�.Okay the Bad Brains � �Pay to Cum� is the best song ever�

The band is playing on Saturday in New Hampshire, just thought I�d mention that again. Aarne is working on getting us a gig in New Jersey right now actually�We�ll see how that plays out though. I went years hating New Jersey, and learned to enjoy it in the past few years, having seen some parts other than Jersey City/East Rutherford, and meeting some cool people there .

Now Slapshot is on. Heh. A long time ago, Choke showed up in my living room. He was dating a girl I was friends with, and she brought him by my house to hang out. It was pretty surreal, as I had no idea she was dating him, and someone knocked on my bedroom door, and I open it up and there is Mr Straight-Edge-In-Your-Face, she was behind him, and I didn�t see her at first. I thought he was coming to bust me for smoking cigarettes or something.


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