Oh Joy!
2003-04-23 || Mike and Tim
Soundtrack � The Meatmen � We�re the Meatmen and You Suck!

Fuck the rain, and the people in the Mercedes SUV last night that cut the line of traffic off so they could get ahead�to the next red light.

I need a new job. I don�t want to be in the music business anymore. At this point, I�m ready to sell out and take a shitty job I don�t like and make more money than have a job I like and make less money. Gambling isn�t working, and I haven�t robbed anyone at an ATM machine in years now, so I have no other ideas really. Whatever the case, I can�t continue to sell of my music collection every weekend, which is what I have been doing. On Monday I sold all of my Nirvana CD�s. Is there any reason to own those anymore at this point in my life? No, there isn�t.

If I had stayed in school, I wouldn�t be a loser.

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