Oh Joy!
2003-04-23 || iain't mada ta
Soundtrack � King Crimson � In the Court of the Crimson King

Wa wa wa.

How is it that some people are �XXXXX� more than others? (because girls only like guys for their looks) I wonder from time to time�actually. They have this show on the TV coming on where all of these men will be wearing masks and this woman has to pick one. Can they make women look any more foolish? I think they should have a show where they make guys look like fools like �guess which sexually transmitted disease you are going to bring back to your wife from the night out with the guys� or �Watch how much guys like to talk about themselves� W

oe is me and I�m sensitive, blah blah blah. Where do they find them? Or better yet, where do I find them?

Well Mike can fuck off then

So the winter is still lingering here in New England. Tonight I was going to take a drive up to New Hampshire by myself for the fuck of it. I bought gas and cigarettes. I just need music now. Not that I really care about the weather, or like to talk about it, but anyone who knows me knows I love it when it�s 90 degrees. I love sweating my ass off in the summer time fuck this pansy �I like the spring when it�s 72 degrees�. I enjoy the heat. The only reason I like the winter is there seems to be less people on the road. On the negative side you have Christmas, a complete waste of time, and snow, which makes my bald ass tires slip.

I can�t think of who it was, but since I only talk to about 4 people on a regular basis, it was one of those 4 people, we recently talked of how every holiday is geared towards children it seems. Or at least we turn it in to that at some point. IS there any holiday that is fun for adults besides�ummm�nothing I can think of.

I have not had alcohol inside me since March 16th at 12:21 AM (when I took the last sip of a beer in New Jersey).

Coffee intake has slowed down quite a bit too. Yesterday I had maybe a cup and a half of coffee, today I�ve had none, and now I�m getting a headache again.

I will smoke cigarettes in church if I have to, fuck.

�they say �test��



I will never be the same as any of them, NEVER.

I�m don.


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