Oh Joy!
2003-04-22 || japanese girl with bruised shins in front of me
Soundtrack � the Byrds � Notorious Byrd Brothers

It is raining here again. It�s chilly. People are dead everywhere, and men in suits drive expensive cars in front of me. Me with half a college education drink my lukewarm water in the car and make it in here another day somehow. The only successes I feel are in art, and companionship. I don�t feel any success inside my head though. I don�t enjoy living paycheck by paycheck. I don�t enjoy stealing. I do enjoy myself from day to day, but something is missing. From time to time I think of shooting myself, but I am such a fucking baby I would never do that. Plus, I don�t want to die not knowing if they ever remixed certain hard bop records I have on vinyl but not on CD. So, I won�t, can�t do that right now.

Gene Simmons was right when he said �Lack of money is the root of all evil�

I have a stomach ache. Eh?

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