Oh Joy!
2003-04-17 || "how bored was phil last night Ken?" (why capitalize Ken, but not Phil?)
Soundtrack � The Detroit Experiment

Remember when hip-hop was actually good music? What happened? There is so much of it in our culture now that I want to vomit. Not to be elitist, as I am a white person, but this shit like Eminem, and 50-Cent just sucks. It seems like 80% of teenagers are into this lifestyle and look, with the sideways baseball cap, and all that stuff. I am not racist at all, but on occasion just to see the perplexed look on their faces, I often yell �White Power!� out my window at groups of white teenagers who have this look down. Last night, I threw a half a bottle of spring water at two teens that were walking in the middle of the street, and wouldn�t get out of the way quick enough. They of course threw their hands up with double middle fingers, which seems to be the only way these shitheads can communicate now. It seems everytime you see a picture of Eminem in public, he�s giving the double middle fingers. I will pay someone money to kill him�especially before someone lets him act again. I saw that movie he was in, and I have no idea why people thought he, or that movie was good. I guess I don�t understand. Give me some Gil-Scott Heron, or Roland Kirk, over any of this shit.

I have been getting more people looking for my diary by typing in things like �naked kids�, etc. Hey, Mr Pedophile, if you�re into this kind of thing, at least share the wealth! My e-mail is on the right there, I�d love to see some of your pics. Unfortunately, there�s none here, they�re all on my hard drive at home.

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